Step 1. Use only the packaging from your new toner; do not use any other packaging. Place used toner cartridge in the carton and seal with packing tape.

Step 2. Please return when possible, eight to ten empty toner cartridges per shipping label to help conserve resources, reduce energy use and shipping costs. Place them in a used cardboard carton and seal, or you may also bundle multiple individual cartridge boxes together securely with tape. When bundling multiple cartridge boxes, please make sure you have no more than two rows of four cartridge boxes across.

Step 3. Click on the following link to be re-directed to the Canada Post website. Complete the contact information and click ‘continue‘ to print the shipping label. Please affix the label to the top of the carton.

Step 4. If you already have a Commercial pick-up agreement with Canada Post, simply include the above cartons with your daily outbound items. Otherwise, drop off the cartons at your nearest postal outlet.

If you require further information, please call 1-800-56-SHARP.


If your Lexmark Toner does not come included with a Prepaid Shipping Label with Instructions to return empty toner cartridges, please click on the following link to access instructions.