Ever run out of toner for your printer in the middle of printing? How about when it’s when you are printing off documents for that client that needs those papers within the hour? Or when you are preparing for the meeting in 15 minutes? But then you go to change it out and you don’t have any in the office! Or you happen to come across that box stored up on a shelf only to open it and find that it is an empty cartridge!

Now, let’s stack that with varied colour toners in your printer – you now have 4-5 toners to deal with on one machine. What if you have 4 or 5 printers in your office? That’s a lot of micromanaging happening for maintaining all the machines in your office.  Who wants to do that? Not anyone we’ve met.

What if we told you that we monitor printers that actually do that job for you? YES! That’s right, our monitoring system tracks toner usage! So when one gets low, we get notified here in the office, we then evaluate your total usage on that machine and send out the toner when it gets close without ever running out, or having inventory on hand.

BONUS: if you are on a service contract or monitored printers then you will never have to worry about calling or sending in meter reads every month!! This eliminates human error as well as the hassle of remember to send those details in.

The technology we use here at Com Pro is FM Audit Print Management Service. It has a quick install process, fantastic security features and it eliminates the maintenance of supplies and burden of meter reads for office employees. This service is included in ANY service contract / Managed Print Services with Com Pro.

What is FM Audit?

FM Audit is an award winning technology (BERTL’s Best 2009) and world leader in print and copier management. It essentially is a data collection tool that automatically performs print assessments, monitors consumable toner levels and printer statuses.

Benefits of the FM Audit Application

  • Ensures accuracy of information for both meter reads and toner usage
  • Gives you peace of mind knowing that we send out toner when needed ONLY
  • Relieves the potential of human error associated with manual meter entry
  • Allows you to focus on building business rather than inside the small tedious management of office supplies

What information is collected?

During a “web audit” contains data from the printer or MFP (Multi-Function Printer) devices ONLY. Information pertaining to those machines include current meter numbers, toner levels and such information as IP address, manufacturers name, model number, serial number and MAC addresses. That information is strictly used as a cross reference within the system and for our reference only.

How Secure is FM Audit?

The FM Audit application only reads from networked devices and DOES NOT write to devices. We know that there is more and more concern for security breaches inside technology and you can be assured that FM Audit poses no risk. FM Audit Onsite communicates with FM Audit Central by sending an encoded XML stream over port 80 or 443. Confidential data is not collected, viewed or saved by FM Audit. Further, it is fully compliant with HIPPA regulations (Health Insurance Portability & Accuracy Act). All data captured and sent to Com Pro uses HTTPS (SSL Certificate).

How Can Your Company Get Started?

Cool! We love that you want to join our team by using the FM Audit Services here at Com Pro. Please email us HERE or give us a quick call to talk to one of our representatives.