In our first part of this two part series, The True Cost of Owning Your Desk-top Printer – Part 1, we discussed the costs associated with acquisition and toner costs. Without a doubt at first glance the lower purchase costs seems to be the logical choice. But as you discovered, the costs of toner can run wild and end up being exuberant. Even if manufacturers have listed reasonable yields, they aren’t always accurate. The other major components of costs are Preventative Maintenance Kits (also knows as PMs). So let’s dive into what those two can actually cost you with your office printer:

Preventative Maintenance Kits

In working machines such as printers, nothing lasts forever. Moving parts need repairs and eventually require replacement. Generally, what is included in PMs are transfer rollers, pickup rollers, separation rollers, separation pads and fusers. All the rollers work together to move the paper along within the equipment. For example the transfer rollers help transfer toner from the cartridge onto the paper; feed rollers, pickup rollers and separation rollers help move the paper along within the printer. While fusers are what helps transfer toner onto the paper (you know that hot feeling? It’s the fuser heating up so that the toner will stay on the paper).

These kits are components that wear out and cause copy and print quality to deteriorate. Sometimes there will be a noticeable difference in the quality of print, and sometimes you may not notice a difference (but that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be replaced).

How much do replacement pieces cost?

You know that old saying “you get what you pay for”, this applies to this very subject. It’s important that you choose wisely on your replacement pieces for your equipment. Even better, let us, the experts on your equipment, do that for you. Our team here at Com Pro know your machine the best, and we are here to ease your stresses about it. Call us today at 1866-266-7761 or email us here

The costs of PM kits can run between $100-$700 depending on the equipment you have AND the quality you go for. Don’t go for cheap. While they may seem like a logical decision to save initial costs, they have the potential to bring more havoc to your office equipment than you plan for. For example, if you purchase cheap rollers and continuously get jammed paper you will now need to have service…and sometimes over and over until you replace the rollers – so you may now have actually paid more than DOUBLE than what a high quality roller initial cost.

When our Com Pro Technicians visit you for quarterly preventative maintenance visits, they inspect the kits along with other general maintenance services. They carry the more popular models kits with them, and are able to replace them right there for you. This service is included in our service agreements, and we are happy to provide the kits at no cost to you when on a service contract. Yes, that’s right. There is NO COST for PM Kits when there is a service agreement.

When should the kit be replaced?

PM Kits are replaced after a certain number of copies and prints, and varies from model to model. 80,000 to 120,000 copies/prints is the general number before kits need replacing, however, some of the Sharp product line has an allowance of over 120,000 copies before replacement requirements.

When a certain code gets relayed to our service department we know that it’s time for your PM kit to be replaced. So we schedule a service call with one of our technicians and sned them on there way to replace it – all at NO COST when you are a part of our Print Managed Services.


Not a part of a service agreement? No problem, you can order your kit direct from us, call 1866-266-7761 or contact us here