Com Pro Gives Back

In November Com Pro President Mitch Clancey and his son took an adventure of a lifetime to Peru. Now, this adventure wasn’t for all fun and games, it was about making a difference in the communities there in need. The joined forces with, a retreat experience that is more about growth and contribution.  They spent two weeks helping build orphanages and contributing to local communities.


Com Pro’s values and objectives have always been to make a difference. Whether it be local, or abroad, we stand for contributing to organizations that make differences for people, animals and the environment.


“Give & Grow combines our passion to GIVE with our need to GROW, and injects a sense of adventure that’s often missing in our lives.

Give & Grow is NOT a traditional volunteer project but rather a carefully crafted mentoring experience that holds the potential to change us.”


To learn more about the GiveAndGrow retreat experiences: