There are some critical things to consider when you need to move your office equipment or your internet service provider. Com Pro is here to help ease that transition when you need. Whether you are moving from location to location, or from floor to floor, it’s important to know what to do and expect while moving your printer or photocopier. If you change internet providers, you may notice some important functions on your devices not working correctly, or not working at all if you transition without insights as to what to do.

Issues that commonly arise when moving office equipment or internet service providers

You may find that if you move your printer or IPS (Internet Service Provider) without proper planning you encounter problems such as

  • Unable to print
  • Unable to scan
  • Faxing won’t work
  • Sudden poor image quality
  • Error codes
  • Paper jam issues
  • No power


Moving one location to another (building to building OR floor to floor)

When moving from one location to another (building to building) it is always best to use a professional moving company to avoid any issues with damaging the machine or having the machine in an improper location. Likely, in the new location your in-house or external IT department will be required to set up the equipment back to regular settings. You can always call Com Pro to assist you in this move, and for the setup process at the new address.

Moving from one location to another location on the same floor or building via an elevator can be done by your staff but will likely require help from  the in-house or outsourced IT dept when reconnecting the machine. Again, Com Pro can assist in reconnecting your office equipment for a small fee, if you need.


Changing Internet Service Providers

From time to time you may need to be a change in your internet provider; for example if you are with Telus internet and change over to Shaw. This can cause disruption in how your computers communicate with your office equipment and it can also cause any of the issues as outlined above. More specifically, though, some things such as routers, ISP’s, DNS settings may cause disruption and function of printers and photocopiers.

Questions to ask when changing providers:

  1. Will the router be the same or will it be different? If it is different you IT department will need to be involved as many setting may need adjusting including things like IP range or gateway.
  2. Will the ISP be the same or will it be different? Is the ISP changes your scan to email and DNS settings may need to updated.
  3. Will the new location have the proper power plug (15amp, 20amp, 220v 20 amp)? Many machines use special power connectors that may not be available at the new location and will render your machine useless.
  4. Does the new location have proper hookups (network, fax) and are they working? Dead drops and phone lines are common problems faced when moving a machine. This will need to be checked with your IT department and phone provider.

All in all, when moving machines inside the same office, or moving it to another location all together, there are considerations that should be discussed with your IT department. Or call Com Pro at 604-574-8623 and we can help guide you through the process.


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