Why Managed Print Services Save Money

Business equipment such as printers, photocopiers and multi-function printers are necessities in most offices. The office equipment a company chooses vary depending on volume, objectives, and business initiatives. But, we know the initial costs can potentially run into the tens of thousands. Then add in the costs of running the equipment (check out our series on total costs of printer HERE) of toner and preventative maintenance kits and service. The option of going on a Managed Print Service can reduce operational costs by thousands and save the headaches that printers can sometimes cause.

So how does Managed Print Services Save Money? We are glad you ask:

Cost of Operations

Businesses are always looking at ways to reduce operational costs associated with running office equipment. Such things as toner and cartridges and paper, but also include service and working parts like Preventative Maintenance Kits and rollers. Our supplies do not include paper, but we offer a full inventory of Sharp and Lexmark supplies including toner and parts such as PM kits. The biggest benefit for you using our service is that we automatically send you the supplies and parts when they are needed. No need to keep inventory, no need to double order, or mistakenly not know what you have on hand. No room for human error, either.

Consumer series print devices normally carry a much higher cost of toner than Business Class Devices, thus we offer a Cost per Copy rate that is often 50% less than a similar consumer series device. This alone can create a dramatic difference in the TCO (Total Cost of Operation/Ownership) over 5 years.


Most print equipment comes with a 1 year warranty by manufacturers. That’s it. If there is an issue with the machine after that first year, then you are responsible to call in and pay for the cost of repairs. Of course, the cost of being down can also rise and it may be a while before it’s back and running. Here at Com Pro, when you are on a service contact with us we maintain your machine for the life you have it. Essentially, you have a FULL WARRANTY on any new or re-manufactured machine we provide you. You can’t get that anywhere else in this industry.

Service Requirements

It is inevitable. Service will be needed on your office equipment. If you have the business class equipment they tend to be more durable, and offer more built in features. But there are times when our service department will need to be called. We are here for you, and as part of the Managed Print Services it is included in your service contract. So what that means, you can call anytime with any issues. If you are dealing with repeated paper jams, or black lines on your paper, CALL US. For more serious issues like a down machine, we will be there within 4 hours to get you back and running. AND there will be absolutely NO service bill when you are on our service contract.