Purchasing or leasing certified pre-owned office equipment can be a great way for many businesses to upgrade their technology without breaking the bank. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of office equipment, including certified pre-owned office equipment, that are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned Office Equipment

Refurbished photocopiers and multifunction printers are put through rigorous testing in order to pass certification before being put back on the market. Some of the main benefits if buying Com Pro certified pre-owned office equipment include:

1. Save Money

Purchasing pre-owned office equipment is a great way to get the equipment you need, while still saving some money for the business. Reconditioned office equipment can also help you update your printing, scanning, faxing, and collating abilities at the office while respecting your budget.

2. Sustainable Selection

Buying pre-owned office equipment is an eco-friendly option that allows businesses to protect the environment while also saving money. By choosing to buy refurbished machines, you will be able to increase sustainability by preventing old office equipment and parts from ending up in the landfill.

3. Refurbished and Reconditioned

Refurbished and reconditioned office equipment, especially photocopiers and all-in-one printers, offer high-quality equipment at discounted prices. All pre-owned office equipment from Com Pro Business Solutions are thoroughly inspected, cleaned, and tested before being certified and placed on the market. Our industry leading reconditioning process is designed to ensure that all of our certified pre-owned office equipment meets and exceeds the high expectations of our customers.

If you would like to learn more about certified pre-owned office equipment, or if you are interested in one of our office equipment products (multifunction colour photocopiers, multifunction black & white photocopiers, and multifunction printers), please contact Com Pro Business Solutions at 604-574-8623.