3-advantages of leasing

How does one decide to buy or lease office equipment such as MFPs (Multi-function Printers) is the best business choice?

Below we have compiled the top 3 advantages of leasing office equipment. Now, it is always recommended to talk with our sales team here at Com Pro so that they can provide you with a comprehensive cost analysis for your situation. You can get in touch with our team HERE or call direct at 604-574-8623

Number 3: Financial Benefits

Depending on the piece of equipment needed for your business initiatives, the costs of office equipment can run fairly hefty. If a company is just starting out, there may be no room for a large investment when choosing to lease equipment. But making monthly payments is reasonable and smart. There are also some good tax benefits, for example, no depreciation to account in your company financials and being able to expense the equipment lease is also a great feature.

Number 2: Done for you

Our team here at Com Pro is always willing to work with you and your leasing company. We do all the leg work when it comes to putting in your application to the leasing vendor. Generally speaking, terms on leasing is easier to obtain than say a term on purchased equipment, thus making payments more reasonable for your budget.

Number 1: It can grow with you

Is your company growing? Maybe you need new features because the company is expanding.  By far the most beneficial aspect of leasing office equipment is the ease of upgrading the machine. Whether it is to new updated technology, or simply because the print work is exceeding the capacity of the current machine.

All in all, whether leasing is the better option for you or not, it is a good plan to talk to our sales team to better understand the options and what is best suited for you growing company. Call us at 604-574-8623 or contact us through our online form HERE.