Focus CARE represents Com Pro’s commitment to provide an exceptional customer experience.corporate_compro

We believe in superior customer service. Our team of experts provide quick response time and knowledge and support for your office equipment needs. Our philosophy stems from our corporate culture because we are confident that happy employees create happy customers.

We do this by promising to:

1. Keep Service territory areas small. We divide areas into smaller territories so that our service technicians get to know you and your equipment. It also offers you:

hero_compro– Quicker response times from our field technicians
– Improved machine familiarity by technicians
– Quarterly preventative maintenance servicing to keep productivity and reduced down time
– Quality work performance

2. Build strong business relationships with manufacturers. When our team has a strong relationship with our vendors Com Pro is able to provide a higher standard of customer experience. Your benefits include:
printer_compro– Fully trained technicians with deep understanding of all products
– Reliability and timeliness with quick turnaround on parts, toner and service
– Quality products and service expertise

3. Have Pro-Active Solutions. With our innovative pro-active approach Com Pro can maintain your parts and supplies remotely so that you can focus on your business. gadget_comproCom Pro also has two Lean Sensei Greenbelts on staff trained in continuous improvement and focused on ensuring our processes lead to an exceptional customer experience.


4. Guarantee Products. Service contracts include 100% product coverage for 5 years which means if a part cannot be fixed, we replace it. It’s that simple.


5. Take care of our people. We are proud to say that our average employee tenure is 10 years. We believe that creating a positive employee experience will lead to a positive customer experience.



6. Take care of you. Whether you need technical support, parts or service, we promise to take care of you. If you are not completely happy with our service, be sure to let us know so that we have the opportunity to correct the issue. That’s our guarantee.