Lexmark XC4150

Need a new printer? Ah, that’s easy, printers are everywhere and they are more or less the same right?…WRONG. There are major differences between throw away consumer printers from the big box stores and business printers like the Lexmark M1145 or the Sharp XM3150. So what do you need to know to make the right decision to move from a disposable printer from the box stores to a business printer? We consider 3 major questions to ask when looking to upgrade to a profession business printer:


Understanding the Total Cost of Ownership

Consumer printers are great for low use, and one off printing. The biggest cost associated with printers is the actual printing so if you are printing higher volumes, a consumer printer is actually not cost effective. Consumer grade printers are less efficient and use more ink or toner, not to mention the toner for consumer printers is also more expensive.

Professional business printers are designed to be repaired as the machines wear down, consumer printers are meant to be thrown away. Although the initial cost of a professional printer is higher, the cost of printing and the money saved from not having to buy new printers often makes a business printer the most cost effective solution. Read our blog post the True Cost f Owning Your Desktop Printer to get more detailed information on TCO.


Service and Support

Professional business printers are designed to be sold with service agreements. A Com Pro service agreement includes all toner, parts and service required to keep your machine going. The high cost of consumer grade ink/toner and the increased efficiency of professional grade business printers make it possible for service companies like Com Pro to provide ink/toner and service at a lower per print rate than a consumer printer. Our Focus Care Service Program is one you want to join – check out our post on Why Managed Print Services Save Money.


Workflow Solutions and Security

Professional business printers are designed to do more than just print. From print management software, security applications and workflow scanning software, business printers are designed to help you create more efficiency in your office.

Com Pro’s Focus Care program involves helping you assess whether a professional business printer is the most cost effective printing solution for you. Call our team at  866-266-7761 or local 604-574-8623 or send us an email HERE to get started.