At Com Pro Business Solutions, we know how important your office photocopier and printer is to ensuring that your business is able to operate at optimal efficiency. While you may be able to respond to breakdowns quickly, reducing downtime related to office photocopier and printer repairs and maintenance can help ensure that you prevent problems down the line. Here are some simple tips for reducing photocopier and printer downtime at the office.

Choosing the Right Photocopier and Printer for Your Needs

In some cases, photocopiers and printers breakdown because they are not well suited for the demands the office staff member will place on it. If you have a printer or photocopier that regularly breaks down, you may want to consider updating your equipment so that it can more easily accommodate your office’s needs. Some machines are specifically designed to be used almost non-stop throughout the day and to function better in high-use environments, and others are designed for less frequent or even occasional use.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Another simple way to reduce downtime is to schedule regular maintenance for your photocopier and printer. Whether you are leasing your machines or you have purchased them, most manufacturers will recommend regular maintenance service. It is important to research the maintenance recommendation for your equipment, and to set automated reminders to schedule the services you need. Here at Com Pro, when you have a service contract with us we provide no-thinking preventative maintenance. That means you don’t need to worry about a calendar of when your machine needs  maintenance. Our back end monitoring system allows us to remotely know when it is time.

Photocopiers and Printers From Com Pro Business Solutions

If you are looking to replace your current office photocopier or printer with a machine that will better suit your office needs, we can help. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we carry a selection of all in one printers and photocopiers that are specifically designed to stand up to the toughest working conditions. All of our all in one printers and photocopiers will help increase the overall efficiency of your business, while also reducing photocopier and printer downtime.

If you would like to learn more about reducing photocopier and printer downtime at the office, or if you are interested in one of our products, please contact Com Pro Business Solutions at 604-574-8623.