Real Talk Summit Event
A great event was held this past weekend – Real Talk Summit where a collective of entrepreneurs and out of the box thinkers to share the stage. Local business people such as Brian Scudmore (founder of 1-800-GOT-JUNK), Treya Klassen of Brand RYU and international brand names such as Danielle Laporte and Gary Vaynerchuk came together for this one day event to talk business. They openly shared about strategy, and share candidly about their mistakes and how it made them who they are today. They think big, act big and in return have a big impact. There were discussions about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, the price they pay, the tools and mindset it takes along with being able to watch and discuss with social panels was a great treat. As well, Solo Entrepreneurs like Greg Smith and Jean-Pierre Leblanc were talking about visions, the WTF method (which essentially is Willing to Fail) and how to hire smart people and listen to them. 
Our team here is all about building a brand AND making an impact! This event was thought provoking and allowed for insights on our mission and goals for the next 5 years. Without a doubt, when this event runs again, you will find us there!