When it comes to choosing the correct paper for your office printer there are a couple of things to consider: weight and brightness. Your copier or printer may not be able to handle the weight or variety of the paper thus causing jamming, ripping, or peeling within the machine.

First determine what your printer can use; to find this look into the handbook or give us a call and we can help.

Second, determine what you will use your MFP or printer or copier on a regular basis for. If it simply black and white, then using regular standard recycled paper will most likely do. However, be sure to check the manual or call us to reduce the chances of those paper jams. Dedicate at least one of the paper trays to this paper source, and label if you require reminders and if you are going to use heavier weight for other purposes.

Third, if you complete regular work of colour copies it may be best to dedicate a tray with the best paper for the jobs. This reduces time at the printer, as well as dedicates specific paper for the specific document. If you decide that you just want to go cheap and save money, then sure regular paper will do – but be prepared for disappointment with the quality of the colour on each sheet. Choosing the correct paper weight and brightness not only for your printing job requirements, but also for the life of your printer (and reducing the calls to the service department) is one very important part to consider.

Staples has a great quick reference guide for choosing the best paper for your project and your printer: (BUT remember to check the handbook or get in touch with us to make sure)

Which Paper Do I Use

Our Test

We decided to do a test here in our warehouse with a Sharp MX3070N printer just to see with our own eyes the difference in quality. We tested Staples standard paper weight of 20lbs and Hammermill’s 24lb 98 bright. The difference was amazing. We took a photo of each on our smartphone, and even with that you can see the difference below.

Paper Comparison




If you look closely enough at the dark purple shirt you can see on the 20 pound paper it has almost a blotchy white look to it, while the 24 pound has a smooth looking finish. The cost for the heavier paper is higher, the output of quality is substantially greater. So if you are needing to product very high quality work for your office, then choosing the right paper for your office equipment is a must.


To summarize; It can be confusing to know which paper is best for your printer, and sometimes calling us will save you the hassle of paper jams and other issues where you will need to call us for repair…If you require colour printing often as well as use it for black and white copying, using two different trays for the paper quality is best. This way, you know that your colour print quality will be good and you can still save on your printing and copying using a less expensive paper for the day to day black and white printing work.

Our team here at Com Pro can help you decipher which paper will be best while being able to save money, depending on your document printing requirements. Call us today at 604-574-8623