When Mitch Clancey founded Com Pro Solutions in 1998 it was on the premise of being able to provide exceptional customer service and work with people that he loved to work with. As a service technician at heart he knows office equipment inside and out. Putting it into his own business was a natural fit, and he had a plan.

When it comes to servicing, supplying and supporting high-tech equipment for today’s fast paced world of business ,there has to been good people behind it. So her gathered the right team, and so it begun.

The concept was to FOCUS on service alone. The goal was to show clients a “noticeable difference” both in approach and in customer support. The bar for quality in servicing office equipment needed to be raised, and that is what Com Pro provided. Com Pro has done this and even put a name to their service department that still exists today. It is appropriately named FOCUS CARE and it means exactly that. Our goal is to provide customers with greater personal care by increasing the attention paid to their equipment.

Factory trained and fully certified technicians perform higher quality maintenance and the repairs in the effort to stay ahead of potential problems and avoid downtime. Our FOCUS is to pursue total machine “uptime” for increased productivity in office, rather than needing to react to emergency or “machine down” situations due to oversight or in some cases quite honestly, neglect. We achieve these goals through our technology driven dispatch software and monitoring software.

As you would expect, with the almost overnight success in developing a solid and growing base of customers, Sharp Electronics’ of Canada and Lexmark Canada awarded Com Pro Business Solutions as a Factory Authorized Full-line dealership.

Since that time Com Pro has been helping businesses and organizations large and small find new ways of improving processes. Customers now enjoy the benefits where they can rely on a solution provider with the expertise to educate and show them the latest technology, improve efficiency, search for cost recovery opportunities and when necessary provide the needed equipment.

We at Com Pro are proud to be representing Sharp and  Lexmark. As the manufacturer of MFP’s and printers, Sharp and Lexmark offers our customers the very latest and leading edge technology. So when our customers have a need for quality equipment we can easily and effectively fill that need and back it up.

So yes we can support you, yes the equipment will be Sharp or Lexmark and yes you will be impressed by our customer service. We guarantee it.