If you work in the insurance industry, you can appreciate the bearing of proper functioning office equipment. Many industries have begun to steer away from paper and printing, focusing more on digital. Due to the importance of legal documents and paper in the insurance industry, office equipment such as multifunction printers, multifunction copiers and folding and mailing equipment machines are still highly relevant. When customers require a new or updated insurance policy, it is important that the right office equipment is in place to provide customers with their documents in a timely fashion. ComPro Business Solutions has been providing office equipment for the insurance industry since 1998. For those of you in the insurance industry, here are three reasons as to why you should trust the office equipment pros at ComPro.

Big selection of business printers

In the insurance industry, business printers get used more frequently than other types of office equipment. Due to the high volume of their usage, it is imperative that insurance companies invest in high-quality, durable printers. Multifunction printers work best for the insurance industry because of their flexibility and range of features. ComPro Business Solutions carry a large range of multifunction colour printers and multifunction black and white printers that are well-suited for the insurance industry.

Vast selection of copiers

Although copiers don’t get used as frequently as business printers in the insurance industry, they still get used fairly frequently. For the insurance industry, it is important to invest in copiers that are both fast and efficient. ComPro has a vast selection of both multifunction black and white photocopiers and multifunction colour photocopiers from reliable brands such as Lexmark and Sharp. These copiers are built to save companies money by minimizing the amount of toner being used and by allowing companies to keep all of their printing requirements in-house.

Certified pre-owned equipment

Another office equipment solution for insurance companies is certified pre-owned equipment. ComPro’s selection of refurbished office equipment is a great value for any business. All of the equipment is taken apart, inspected, cleaned and tested to ensure that it passes ComPro’s industry leading reconditioning process. Insurance companies can rest assured that they are getting quality, assurance, reliability and value in ComPro’s certified pre-owned office equipment.

If you are employed in the insurance industry, consider the benefits of office equipment from ComPro Business Solutions. ComPro is a locally owned business located in Surrey that provides businesses in the Greater Vancouver area and Lower Mainland with new and certified pre-owned office equipment. If you have any questions about our office equipment products or services, please contact us at 604-574-8623. We are happy to help answer all of your questions.