Taking a green approach when it comes to printing materials at the office does not have to mean higher costs. At ComPro Business Solutions, we understand how making a few simple changes around the office can be good for the environment, as well as for the bottom line. Here are some easy tips for greener printing that can help you protect the environment without any extra costs.

1. Recycle Toner Bottles and Ink Cartridges

Recycling programs for toner bottles and ink cartridges have kept millions of used printer supplies out of landfills. At ComPro, we understand the true value of recycling toner bottles and ink cartridges. That is why we always encourage our customers to follow our simple four-step recycling process in order to reduce energy use and shipping costs.

2. Replace Stand-Alone Devices with Multifunction Printers

Rather than purchasing several individual scanners or printers, you should invest in one product that can print, copy, scan, and fax. Switching over from multiple devices to a multifunction printer  or multifunction photocopiers can save you money in the long run, as you will only have to purchase supplies for one device instead of several (which is included in our service program). Switching to a multifunction printer  or multifunction photocopier can also cut down on office energy use, as you will now only have to power one machine.

3. Duplex Print and Copy

The best way to reduce paper use is to print on both sides of a page. Many multifunction printers provide automatic double-sided printing, scanning, and photocopying. If your printer does not have a duplex print option, most printers will allow you to duplex print manually using the printer driver.

4. Use Recycled Paper

Poor quality, rough, and wholly unsuitable recycled paper is a thing of the past. Today’s recycled paper is a much higher quality and functions great for everyday uses. When choosing a recycled paper product, try to choose environmentally preferable papers such as recycled content paper, and papers certified to sustainable forest management standards. Using recycled paper for your office printing needs can help protect the environment; however, you should keep in mind that recycling used paper is just as important, as recycling paper fibre saves trees, energy, water, and chemicals.

Greener Printing Options from ComPro Business

At ComPro Business, we offer a wide variety of high-performance multifunction printers and photocopiers that offer greener printing methods, as well as higher energy efficiency standards. All of our multifunction printers and photocopiers come with a standard duplex feature and can print on a wide range of paper types.

If you would like to learn more easy tips for greener printing, or if you are interested in one of our products, please contact ComPro Business at 604-574-8623.