Choosing the best all-in-one printer for a Vancouver business does not have to be a difficult decision. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we carry a selection of different all-in-one printers that are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Why Use an All-in-One Printer?

All-in-one printers are perfect for businesses that do not have a lot of space or a big budget to work with because they allow you to print, scan, copy, and fax from one simple to use machine. While all-in-one printers may not have all of the features that stand-alone scanners, photocopiers, and fax machines have, getting a multifunction printer means being able to maximize your resources by having one machine do more of the little tasks.

How to Choose the Best All-in-One Printer

Here are some of the things that you should consider when trying to determine which all-in-one printer will work best for your business:

1. Identifying Your Printing Requirements

All-in-one printers are available with a wide range of capabilities, from simple monochrome models to those capable of photo-quality printing. When trying to find the right printer for your business, it is important to first identify what your printing requirements are. Doing so will significantly narrow down the search and speed up the decision-making process.

2. Look for Business-Oriented Features

If you are looking to purchase an all-in-one printer that is going to be used by multiple computers, it is important to ensure that the shared printer can easily be connected to wirelessly or through a network. This will allow multiple users to use the same printer at the same time without any of the hassle of plugging the printer into each computer.

3. Easy Operation and Maintenance

Some printers can prove to be noisy and difficult to operate. That is why it is important to purchase an all-in-one printer that will produce less noise and have easy-to-use features, such as a touch screen. It is also important to think about the long-term maintenance of the multifunction printer to ensure that its regular maintenance, such as ink or toner refills, are not unnecessarily draining your resources.

If you would like to learn more about choosing the best all-in-one printer for a Vancouver business, or if you are interested in one of our office equipment products, please contact Com Pro Business Solutions at 604-574-8623.