Com Pro Service Guarantee

We pride ourselves in a GUARANTEED response time of 4 hours, however, we generally can have a solution for you within 90 minutes! Naturally, not all issues can be resolved in that time frame – such as when a part needs to be ordered or a technician has to come out more than once to correct and install parts. Our service guarantee post lays out how our service call process transpires – check it out here. But when in doubt, simply give us a call at 604-574-8623

Thankfully we have experts right here for when you call or email into our service department. Often we are able to help right off the get go. For example, if you find service code or message of F2-64 or F3-12 on your machine and you call in, our dispatch will guide you through how to correct the issue over the phone.  But if you get a code of H2, H3, H4 or H5 – it will be an urgent issue that needs attention right away and moves to our service department management. Our team will then handle the situation accordingly based on individual codes and resolve the situation as quickly as possible to reduce your down-time.

FAQ – “What are some general code errors we can fix without having to call?”

Below is a quick overview of some common error codes and how to correct them :

The following errors pertain to toner. Often we find that there are a couple of things about these errors that we get all the time.

The toner was replaced and the error message still reads on display. Fix: be sure it is the correct toner cartridge for the machine (yes, if you have more than one machine, they could get accidentally mixed up) or Is the cartridge empty? This happens if you keep your used and new ones within the same area and replace an old one by accident.

F2-64 – Black toner is low or out.

F2-65 – Cyan toner is low or out.

F2-66 – Magenta toner is low or out.

F2-67 – Yellow toner is low or out.

For the above messages, call us to order your toner: 604-574-8623

F2-40 – Re-setting the black toner and rebooting the machine generally eliminates this error code.

L1-00 or L3-00 – Reboot the machine and the error code will be gone.

Please wait msg – Simply reboot the machine from the main switch.

If in doubt for any code, refer to your manual, or simply give us a quick call – we are more than happy to assist you.

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