Photocopiers Vancouver

A common dilemma that many office managers and small businesses must face is whether to buy a colour photocopier or a black and white photocopier. Com Pro Business Solutions carries both high-quality multifunction colour and black and white photocopiers. At Com Pro, our trained professionals have experience helping businesses of all sizes purchase photocopiers that match both their office needs and budget. Before choosing between colour and black and white for your next photocopier, talk to the office equipment professionals at Com Pro.

When to purchase a multifunction colour photocopier

Colour photocopiers are usually more expensive than black and white photocopiers. Before purchasing a multifunction colour photocopier, it is important to first evaluate the needs and budget of your office. Begin by considering the types of documents that your business will be printing. If your business does a lot of high-resolution colour copying, then a colour photocopier will likely be needed. Com Pro Business Solutions carries a wide range of Lexmark colour photocopiers and Sharp colour photocopiers, with several different models to choose from each brand. The Lexmark colour photocopiers can produce up to 60 pages per minute and scan up to 120 pages per minute when operating at their highest setting. This is ideal for businesses that do copying and printing in large batches. The Sharp line of multifunction colour photocopiers delivers cutting-edge integration and unprecedented resolution. Talk to a photocopier expert today about the benefits of the Sharp and Lexmark colour photocopiers.

When to purchase a multifunction black and white photocopier

Com Pro Business Solutions also carries a high-quality line of both Sharp and Lexmark black and white photocopiers, ideal for offices that need a quality photocopier, but only need to print in black and white. These black and white photocopiers have a higher output per minute when compared to the colour photocopiers and come with many flexible configurations. For offices that require fast and efficient copying in black and white, the Sharp and Lexmark multifunction black and white photocopiers are a superb choice.

Pre-owned multifunction photocopiers

For businesses with more restricted budgets that still require a high-performing photocopier, Com Pro offers certified, pre-owned photocopiers. Com Pro’s industry-leading reconditioning process ensures that each refurbished photocopier is thoroughly taken apart, inspected, cleaned and tested. Purchasing a pre-owned photocopier from Com Pro allows customers to experience the performance and reliability of a new photocopier at a more affordable price point.

For help on choosing whether to buy a colour photocopier or a black and white photocopier, please contact the office equipment professionals at Com Pro Business Solutions. Call us at 604-574-8623 or get in touch with us by filling out a form on our website. Com Pro is one of the largest, most trusted suppliers of high-quality Sharp and Lexmark photocopiers across Western Canada. Find out more about how Com Pro can help your business improve both workflow and productivity through our tailored selection of high-performing office equipment.