Sharp Aquos Board

Having the cutting edge in printer or photocopier technology can make all the difference in the way that your business runs. At ComPro Business Solutions, we want your business to have the best of the best. That’s why we want to draw your attention to a new piece of technology that will make slide carousels, overhead projectors, digital projectors, and white boards a thing of the past: the Sharp Aquos Board.

What is the Sharp Aquos Board?

The Sharp Aquos Board is a revolutionary interactive display system that combines the traditional whiteboard, TV, touch-screen computer, and projector into one amazing device. This device creates a high-tech multimedia center for the boardroom, classroom, or conference center. Designed for smooth and effortless communication, the Sharp Aquos Board has a highly responsive touch pen, which allows for several people to write on the same touch screen at the same time. With the use of Sharp Display Connect software, you can also share any live changes made to your presentation through digital technology with anyone attending your meeting or presentation.

The Benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board

There are several ways that the Sharp Aquos Board can benefit different situations:

  1. Planning and BrainstormingStrategic planning and brainstorming sessions usually entail many pieces of paper from different members of the team that all have to be compiled into one document. With the help of the Sharp Aquos Board, you can ditch the paper and transcribing. Preloaded with many commonly used templates, such as calendars, action plans, graph paper, and to-do lists, the Sharp Aquos Board allows you to create lists on screen during your session, and at the end, save it to a computer and email it to those in attendance. If you would rather have a printed copy to hand out to everyone, you can choose to electronically send your notes to your Sharp multi-function printer.
  2. Presentations and TrainingWith spectacular HD clarity, backlit design, and Sharp’s Uv2A photo-alignment technology, your presentations will look better and be easier to read than you ever thought possible. Since the Sharp Aquos Board has a screen similar to a tablet or smartphone, you can quickly zoom in or out on your presentation. During your presentation, you can also: highlight key points, make annotation, or emphasize topics with your finger or Sharp Pen.
  3. Video ConferencingWith the Sharp Aquos Board, having team members interact from different locations has never been easier. While viewing a presentation, all of your team members can write on the screen images for real-time interactive participation. The Sharp Aquos Board can also be used for webinars and teleconferences.

Getting Your Sharp Aquos Board From ComPro

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board, please contact ComPro Business Solutions at 604-574-8623. Our team of professional account managers and certified technicians can help you get your hands on a Sharp Aquos Board or one of our other products, including black and white photocopiers, multifunction printers, and pre-owned office equipment.