For businesses that handle a lot of in-house mailing, there are many benefits of mailing equipment. Office equipment such as postage meters and letter folding machines can significantly help improve workflow and productivity. ComPro Business Solutions carries a variety of digital postage meters and letter folding machines that are applicable to businesses of all sizes. These office mailing machines help to greatly reduce time that would otherwise be spent licking, sticking and folding mail. Learn about the benefits of postage meters, letter folding machines and purchasing mailing equipment from ComPro Business Solutions.

The benefits of digital postage meters

Digital postage meters simplify the chore of licking and sticking stamps. For offices that distribute mail in large batches, it is an ideal piece of office equipment. Digital postage meters such as the SECAP DP300 are great for small businesses in need of high-performing equipment. The DP300 is a compact machine that can process up to 65 letters per minute. ComPro carries several different models of digital postage meters, each equipped with their own set of features. Before purchasing a digital postage meter, talk to the team at ComPro. Our office equipment experts will ask all the right questions in order to fully understand your business’s needs and determine which type of postage meter is most suitable.

The benefits of letter folding machines

Letter folding machines can save hours from having to be completed by hand. For businesses that distribute a lot of mail on a daily basis, a letter folding machine is a valuable asset. Letter folding machines are also able to handle other print materials such as brochures, leaflets, inserts and reply cards. ComPro Business Solutions carries a variety of high-performing letter folding machines capable of handling different production capacities. Talk to an office equipment expert at ComPro Business Solutions in order to find an ideal letter folding machine for your business.

The benefits of purchasing mailing equipment from ComPro Business Solutions

ComPro Business Solutions has a great selection of digital postage meters and folding machines; however, it is our experienced team of office equipment experts and certified technicians that truly benefits the businesses we work with. We are much more than an office equipment retailer. We are a specialized service provider committed to improving office workflow and productivity. Our close partnerships with industry-leading office equipment manufacturers allow us to specialize in their product lines and provide best-in-class customer care.

To learn more about the benefits of mailing equipment for your office, please contact ComPro Business Solutions at 604-574-8623 or fill out a contact form on our website. ComPro Business Solutions carries a variety of new and pre-owned office equipment including printers, photocopiers, mailing equipment and Sharp Aquos display boards. As one of the largest service providers of Sharp and Lexmark printing solutions in Western Canada, our team of trained professionals and technicians can help improve your business’s workflow and productivity with our selection of high-performing office equipment.