[TECH TIP] Adobe Reader DC PDF Printing in Windows 10

With a recent update in Windows 10 has seemingly caused some issues with being able to print Adobe Reader DC PDFs. When you go to print a PDF it will, but NOT always, print in an Redacted state. Meaning it looks like a black out confidential piece of work. Here’s an example: So when it… Read more


Our Company Story

When Mitch Clancey founded Com Pro Solutions in 1998 it was on the premise of being able to provide exceptional customer service and work with people that he loved to work with. As a service technician at heart he knows office equipment inside and out. Putting it into his own business was a natural fit,… Read more


Staying Healthy at Work

While browsing for ideas and thoughts on workplace wellness, we stumbled upon a great inforgraphic done by SNACKNATION relating all things to being healthy while at work. For the complete breakdown on each section, click the graphic.Read more


How to Achieve a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Creating the optimal work-life balance can be challenging for many. How does one actually create the best lifestyle and maintain good health mentally, physically and emotionally when the demands of every day life cause stress?  According to CMHA, 58% of Canadians report overload in their life, including job, family, friends, volunteering, and community service. If stressors are… Read more


Office Equipment for the Insurance Industry

If you work in the insurance industry, you can appreciate the bearing of proper functioning office equipment. Many industries have begun to steer away from paper and printing, focusing more on digital. Due to the importance of legal documents and paper in the insurance industry, office equipment such as multifunction printers, multifunction copiers and folding… Read more

Office Equipment Lexmark

Lexmark C4150 – The Ideal Desk-top Printer

What can we really say about this office printer? It prints in both black and white as well as colour with a 47 ppm (print per minute) and can manage a monthly print volume of 2,000-20,000. We recommend this printer for small businesses and or offices where individual desk-top printers are a must.   The… Read more


The True Cost of Owning Your Desk-Top Printer – Part 2

In our first part of this two part series, The True Cost of Owning Your Desk-top Printer – Part 1, we discussed the costs associated with acquisition and toner costs. Without a doubt at first glance the lower purchase costs seems to be the logical choice. But as you discovered, the costs of toner can run wild and end… Read more


Throwback Thursday: Office Style

When there is a financial surplus in business…well buy a copier! This video clip is from the hit TV show “The Office”. They are explaining what a surplus is and how to spend it wisely so that they are sure they get their budget numbers included for the following year. The Office – LI5 Surplus from… Read more

Com Pro Service Guarantee

When to Call the Com Pro Service Department

We pride ourselves in a GUARANTEED response time of 4 hours, however, we generally can have a solution for you within 90 minutes! Naturally, not all issues can be resolved in that time frame – such as when a part needs to be ordered or a technician has to come out more than once to… Read more