NOTICE: Potential Scan to Email Issues

You may have noticed, or you may begin to experience issues with the scan to email feature on your multi-function device, this may be caused by Microsoft Office 365 migrating to a more secure protocol. We have become aware of customers having issues with the latest update from Microsoft for Office 365 and it could… Read more

Exciting Announcement!

Over the last several years technology in the print management industry has changed rapidly and is now far more reliant on IT integration. This evolution has led to many of our customers asking us if we know of a trusted IT provider who can deliver the same level of service that they have come to… Read more

Certified Pre-Owned Office Equipment

Purchasing or leasing certified pre-owned office equipment can be a great way for many businesses to upgrade their technology without breaking the bank. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of office equipment, including certified pre-owned office equipment, that are perfect for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Benefits of Buying Certified Pre-Owned… Read more

The Benefits of Leasing Office Equipment

The benefits of leasing office equipment can help business owners cut down on costs and stay ahead of the technology curve. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we offer a wide range of office equipment, including all-in-one printers and multifunction photocopiers, that are ideal for businesses of all shapes and sizes. Advantages of Leasing Office Equipment Some of… Read more

All in One Printers for Small Businesses

At Com Pro Business Solutions, we know how important having efficient office equipment can be in the day-to-day operations of a small business. That is why we carry a wide selection of all in one printers for small businesses that are designed to help reduce downtime at the office. The Benefits of Multifunction Printers Some… Read more

Colour Printers Vs. Black and White Printers

At Com Pro Business Solutions, we know that printing expenses can eat up a lot of a company’s resources. That is why we want to help businesses choose the most efficient office equipment for their specific needs. Here is a quick look at colour printers vs. black and white printers, so that you can make… Read more