Reducing Photocopier and Printer Downtime at the Office

At Com Pro Business Solutions, we know how important your office photocopier and printer is to ensuring that your business is able to operate at optimal efficiency. While you may be able to respond to breakdowns quickly, reducing downtime related to office photocopier and printer repairs and maintenance can help ensure that you prevent problems… Read more

Solutions for the Accounting Industry

Accountants need secure, reliable and trusted office equipment service providers. Com Pro’s sales and service has been serving accountants since 1998 and we continue to serve and support local accounting firms.  As a long time accounting customer has shared: “I have been dealing with Com Pro for about 15 years, and always find them to… Read more

Office Equipment for Non-Profits

If you work for a non-profit organization, you can understand how having proper functioning office equipment can make all the difference in the world. When it comes to being able to properly run an organization, office equipment, such as multifunction printers and multifunction photocopiers are very important because they allow you to operate in a… Read more

Lexmark XM5170

Multifunction Printers: How They Benefit Your Business

In today’s technology driven world, people want machines and devices that can multitask. At Com Pro Business Solutions, we understand how important it is for the overall efficiency of your office to have office equipment with multiple functions. That is why we offer a selection of multifunction printers that are designed specifically to help improve… Read more