The Benefits of the Sharp Aquos Board

Having the cutting edge in printer or photocopier technology can make all the difference in the way that your business runs. At ComPro Business Solutions, we want your business to have the best of the best. That’s why we want to draw your attention to a new piece of technology that will make slide carousels,… Read more

Choosing Lexmark for Your Next Office Printer

At Com Pro Business Solutions, we carry a very select number of high-performing multifunction office printers, all manufactured by Lexmark. Unlike other office equipment retailers that carry huge selections of both high and low quality office equipment, we limit the number of products that we carry so that we can develop stronger relationships with top… Read more

The Difference of A3 and A4

If you have been researching printers and multi-function printers (MFPs) you may have come across the terms “A3” and “A4”. Both of these terms refer to paper sizes that the machines are capable of handling. The standards of paper size have existed at different times and in different countries. Today, the A and B, which… Read more

Lexmark C4150 – The Ideal Desk-top Printer

What can we really say about this office printer? It prints in both black and white as well as colour with a 47 ppm (print per minute) and can manage a monthly print volume of 2,000-20,000. We recommend this printer for small businesses and or offices where individual desk-top printers are a must.   The… Read more

The True Cost of Owning Your Desk-Top Printer – Part 1

As described by Wikipedia the “Total Cost of Ownership is a financial estimate intended to help buyers and owners determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or system.” But how do you determine the true costs associated with your office equipment, including MFP’s, Copiers, and desk- top Printers? Turns out that there are… Read more

Multi-function Printer (MFP): Sharp MX3070N

If you are looking for value in your office equipment coupled with ease of use and high quality colour output, then you must consider the MX3070N by Sharp. The MX3070N digital full colour MFP (Multi-function Printer) offers powerful multitasking features and provides streamlined workflows for your busy office. It offers flexibility of connecting mobile devices and cloud services… Read more