ComPro Business Solutions has proudly served Delta businesses since 1998, by providing them with high-performance office equipment for all their photocopying and printing needs. We understand how important it is for local businesses to improve their workflow and operational efficiencies. That is why we are so proud to provide our customers with one of a kind customer service and an extensive selection of office equipment.

At ComPro Business Solutions, we are fortunate enough to work with some of North America’s top office equipment manufacturers. These partnerships are extremely beneficial because they allow us to gain a complete understanding of each manufacturer’s products, as well as which products will work best for our customers. There is nothing more important to the ComPro team than helping you solve your business’s photocopying and printing needs.

New Westminster Office Equipment including printers and photocopiers

All-in-one Printers in Delta

At ComPro Business Solutions, we have a great selection of multifunction printers from one of the best manufacturers of high-performance all-in-one printers in the industry: Lexmark. Our colour or black and white all-in-one printers are perfect for helping any business improve overall efficiency, while also reducing printing time. Lexmark all-in-one printers are the best choice, no matter the size of your business, because they are built to perform in the most demanding office environments.

Multifunction Photocopiers in Delta

Our friendly and personable team members understand how important it is to first understand the customer’s business photocopying needs before recommending a photocopier. Understanding our customer’s needs allows us to help them choose the best photocopier for their business, whether they are looking for a colour or black and white photocopier. At ComPro Business Solutions, we carry a wide range of colour and black and white photocopiers from both Lexmark and Sharp, the top industry leaders in technology, durability, and performance.

Certified Pre-Owned Office Equipment in Delta

If you are working with a tight budget for your Delta business’ office supplies, we can help. At ComPro Business, we offer a wide range of pre-owned office equipment. We take the restoration of office equipment very seriously. That is why we always run our pre-owned office equipment through rigorous testing, cleaning, and inspection before putting them on the market. If you are looking for a printer or a photocopier for your Delta office, but are working with a tight budget, check out our selection of pre-owned office equipment.

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