EVERYBODY I have dealt with from ComPro has been absolutely FANTASTIC, from Steve Heagle to ALL the Technicians (and Randy as well)! The fact that the SHARP machines I bought are also really great helps as well (icing on the cake, as they say). I could not be happier with the service, it is really exceptional and something I have never experienced with any other business machine/copier company. Steve Heagle gave me his best pricing at our first meeting, gave useful recommendations, did not try to sell me a machine that was too big for our needs and made me feel comfortable that I was not being played for a fool, unlike all the other sales guys I dealt with (who made me feel like I was stuck in an infomercial). From the very start, I knew this was going to be a fantastic relationship with a great Company! Congratulations, Compro, you are a local Company (which is what I like) that provides world-class service!! Keep up the good work.