Com Pro Business Solutions has been supplying small, medium and large businesses in Burnaby with a variety of high-performing office equipment solutions since 1998. Com Pro Business Solutions carries multifunction printers, multifunction photocopiers and pre-owned office equipment. Our professional team works closely with a select group of industry-leading office equipment manufacturers so that we can specialize in their products while delivering best-in-class service. We are more than just an office equipment retailer. We are a specialized team of industry experts and certified technicians that are committed to improving workflow and productivity in businesses.

Burnaby office printers and office photocopiers at Com Pro Business Solutions

Burnaby all-in-one printers

Com Pro Business Solutions carries high-quality Lexmark all-in-one printers in Burnaby. Customers can choose between all-in-one colour printers and black and white printers depending on their printing needs. Each of our laser printers has different specifications suitable for a variety of office applications. Our printers allow offices to print from desktop, mobile and USB flash drives.

Multifunction photocopiers in Burnaby

Com Pro Business Solutions carries multifunction Lexmark and Sharp photocopiers in Burnaby. Customers can choose between various black and white photocopiers and colour photocopiers depending on their needs. Built with advanced technologies, both Sharp and Lexmark photocopiers provide fast and reliable photocopying. For Burnaby businesses that are in need of high-performing photocopiers, talk to the professionals at Com Pro.

Certified pre-owned office equipment in Burnaby

Com Pro Business Solutions is the preferred supplier of certified, pre-owned office equipment in Burnaby. We help Burnaby businesses of all sizes save big on office equipment with our large selection of refurbished printers, photocopiers and mailing equipment. Purchasing pre-owned office equipment from Com Pro ensures that you are getting affordable equipment without sacrificing quality. Our industry-leading reconditioning process is where our trained technicians take the equipment apart, inspect it, clean it and rigorously test it to ensure that it meets our strict performance standards. Purchasing pre-owned office equipment from Com Pro is as reliable as buying it brand new.

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