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Choosing Lexmark for Your Next Office Printer

At Com Pro Business Solutions, we carry a very select number of high-performing multifunction office printers, all manufactured by Lexmark. Unlike other office equipment retailers that carry huge selections of both high and low quality office equipment, we limit the number of products that we carry so that we can develop stronger relationships with top… Read more

Photocopiers Vancouver

Should I buy a colour photocopier or a black and white photocopier?

A common dilemma that many office managers and small businesses must face is whether to buy a colour photocopier or a black and white photocopier. Com Pro Business Solutions carries both high-quality multifunction colour and black and white photocopiers. At Com Pro, our trained professionals have experience helping businesses of all sizes purchase photocopiers that… Read more

How to find the IP address on a Sharp Photocopier

[TECH TIP] How to find the IP address on a Sharp photocopier

There are times when you may need to find the IP address on your Sharp Photocopier. Such times as accessing a webpage, adding email addresses to the machine, changing networking settings and for account control of auditing purposes. Our service technician Nick shows you how to find the IP address quickly on a Sharp Multifunction Photocopier:… Read more

Com Pro Gives Back

Focus Care: Com Pro Gives Back to Peru

In November Com Pro President Mitch Clancey and his son took an adventure of a lifetime to Peru. Now, this adventure wasn’t for all fun and games, it was about making a difference in the communities there in need. The joined forces with GiveAndGrow.com, a retreat experience that is more about growth and contribution.  They… Read more

colour waste cartridge

[TECH TIP] How to Change Colour Toner Waste Cartridges

The tricky part with changing out the colour toner waste cartridges on any Sharp MPF is that they have multiple compartments that require to be closed up. You don’t want a possible spillage when it comes to these, either, as they cause a very big mess and can be difficult to clean up. Check out… Read more

bli award 2017

BLI Buyers Lab Announces Lexmark as 2017 Line of the Year

Excerpt from Keypoint Intelligence on this years winner for Printer/MFP Line of the Year: Lexmark’s Color Line Offers Robust Functionality and Low TCO Based on the strength and breadth of the range of Lexmark’s color printers and MFPs tested by BLI, Lexmark has earned BLI’s 2017 Color Printer/MFP Line of the Year. All six products… Read more


The Benefits of Mailing Equipment

For businesses that handle a lot of in-house mailing, there are many benefits of mailing equipment. Office equipment such as postage meters and letter folding machines can significantly help improve workflow and productivity. ComPro Business Solutions carries a variety of digital postage meters and letter folding machines that are applicable to businesses of all sizes…. Read more